Sandalwood, white sage, dragons blood, frankincense myrrh, french vanilla, palo santo incense sticks
palo sanot, dragons blood, white sage, sandalwood incense sticks
frankincense myrrh, dragons blood, sandalwood, white sage incense sticks
HEM Incense Bouquet of Assorted Fragrances #3 & Free Holder | 120 Sticks

HEM Incense Bouquet of Assorted Fragrances #3 & Free Holder | 120 Sticks

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  • Fragrances: Frankincense Myrrh - Dragons Blood - French Vanilla - Precious White Sage - Palo Santo - Sandalwood
  • A unique curation of our best selling incense, Beautifully encased in an exclusive gift box made and packed by HEM India.
  • This box contains everything you need to set a perfect aromatic atmosphere. It is ideal for those with discerning taste and looking to relax and rejuvenate with an assortment of incense fragrances. 
  • Gifting this collection, you can give a refreshing and delightful experience to your loved ones. Our incense products help in elevating mood and enhancing the ambience in your home or office.
  • This unique blend of HEM fragrances creates a captivating and harmonious olfactory experience. The richness of Frankincense and Myrrh lends an ancient and spiritual depth to the mix, evoking a sense of ritual and tradition. Dragons Blood adds a touch of exotic and mysterious allure, while French Vanilla introduces a comforting and sweet undertone, balancing the composition. The aromatic embrace of Precious White Sage and Palo Santo infuses the blend with a cleansing and sacred atmosphere, promoting a serene ambiance. Finally, the warm and woody notes of Sandalwood complete the ensemble, providing a grounding element that ties together the diverse fragrances. The resulting combination is a sensory journey that seamlessly weaves together sacred, sweet, and earthy elements, creating an enchanting and well-rounded aromatic tapestry.


  • Packaging: 1 hex tube of each fragrance, 20 sticks per tube ( 120 Sticks in total
  • Burning Time : 35-40 mins
  • Each Incense stick is 9 inches long

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