HEM Lavender Incense Sticks | 120 Sticks
HEM Lavender Incense Sticks | 120 Sticks

HEM Lavender Incense Sticks | 120 Sticks

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    HEM Lavender Incense Sticks
  • Fragrance: Lavender
  • Brand: HEM
  • Quantity: 6 tubes - Each of 20 sticks, Total 120 sticks 
  • Lavender a delightfully gentle scent that soothes and freshens. This Lavender incense has a quintessentially floral fragrance.
  • Lavender fragrance a worldwide favorite is calming, relaxing and balancing, both physically and emotionally.
  • HEM Precious Lavender incense sticks are based on the traditional extraction of Precious Lavender. The fragrance of this incense stick is like the flower - sweet, delicate, herbal with balsamic undertones, This long lasting fragrance keeps the home or office smelling pleasant for hours. 
  • Lavender is a bushy, strong-scented perennial plant from the Mediterranean. In warmer regions, its gray to green foliage stays evergreen through the year, and the herb thrives in some of the toughest of garden condition. Here's how to plant, grow, and harvest lavender in the garden. 
  • Many use Lavender to fragrance the home in incense form, it is perfect for creating a warm and relaxing environment. Used to relieve anxiety and mental tension, this scent is perfect for lifting your emotional wellbeing and creating a harmonious balance to your inner psyche. 


6 Benefits of Lavender Incense 

 Pleasant Scent 

One of the significant benefits of using lavender incense sticks is its pleasant scent. The aroma and fragrance of lavender will not only leave your house smelling wonderful but also has antibacterial properties from the herbs and oil it has been manufactured from. This means that burning lavender incense sticks is an excellent wat to purify the air from any harmful pollutants or dust that might cause allergies. 

Relieve Body Tension and Stress

Lavender incense sticks have been used for a couple of centuries now and are well known for its relaxing benefits. It enhances a sense of well being while relaxing your body, mind, and soul with its sweet and exotic scent. The sticks have been infused with essential herbs and oils, which have a powerful relaxing effect on the mind. By just inhaling, you will experience the effects immediately, and they will help clear your mind, keep your heart rate low and leave you floating on a pure bliss cloud.

Offers Clarity and Peace for Meditation

Lavender incense sticks are excellent for meditation. They enhance muscle relaxation so that you can easily slip to the meditative vibe. Burning these sticks during meditation will see you drift into relaxation and calms that will clear your mind in no time. They provide a serene and calm environment any time you burn them hence enhancing your concentration while you meditate or pray. The lavender fragrance enhances your visualization and meditation, and the aroma will make your mind feel at ultimate peace and surrounded by beauty.

Balancing, Cleansing, and Purification

Lavender incense is antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory what makes it spiritual and physical cleansing. By simply burning the lavender incense sticks, the aroma will cleanse everything it comes across, including repelling insects such as mosquitos. The incense also helps to balance emotions and cleanse evil thoughts in your mind. When you are not having a great day, lavender fragrance will help to improve your mood. The lavender scent is also useful in purifying both the non-living and living things.

Induces a Good Sleep 

Lavender incense sticks are sedative. If you are a light sleeper, the incense will help you fall into a deep and relaxing sleep. You just need to dim the bedroom lights, drink some chamomile, and light some lavender incense sticks as you prepare for peaceful night sleep. You should burn the stick about fifteen minutes before you get to bed to have your room filled with the soothing lavender aroma by the time you are ready.

Increases Focus and Creativity

Burn lavender incense sticks when studying or working to promote focus and increase concentration. The fragrances have a subtle effect on the body and mind. They are less intrusive as compared to background music hence the perfect partner when engaging in activities that need high concentration. The lavender fragrances have also been proven to enhance a person’s abilities, improve mental performance, and stimulate new ideas.

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